Case Study: Sunquest 36 and Galaxy Enclosure

With all this changeable English weather we’re seeing at the moment – torrential rain one minute, blazing sunshine the next – we thought we’d tell you a bit about a recent inground swimming pool project we’re currently signing off, with a full height pool enclosure as the finishing touch.

We delivered a Sunquest 36 fibreglass pool to the customer’s farm in Bedfordshire this spring, and their Galaxy enclosure has just been erected so that the whole family can enjoy their spacious outdoor family swimming pool throughout the seasons.

We’re known for our readiness to deliver pools to the most compromising locations – we’ve previously employed the use of aircraft and river ways in deliveries – but it’s always great when a customer can take care of the heavy lifting themselves. Being an agricultural setting, the customer on this project made full use of their on-site telehandlers, lifting and manoeuvring their 11 metre one-piece pool (our largest model) into position without the need for hiring in contractors or heavy plant.

The Galaxy enclosure is a fixed structure and stands at full height, enabling swimmers to walk around the pool and enjoy relaxing and entertaining by the poolside, whatever the English weather is doing outside. Our fixed pool enclosures are installed without the need for side runners, and they’re fully lockable with sliding panels for ventilation.

The best thing about our pool enclosures? They increase the value of your fibreglass pool by providing you with a swim season that can last anything up to ten months of the year. One of our inground pool and enclosure customers in Bucks enjoys a dip under her enclosure every morning – even in the depths of winter!

We’ve blogged about enclosures here if you’d to know more about our range and how they work – or give us a call on 01296 715071.